Sunday, November 18, 2012

A lot to be thankful for!

I'm sorry I have been SUCH a slacker, but things have been OH SO VERY CRAZY BUSY HERE!  Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that my son has been extremely sick.  In fact when he got to the ER on Sunday, November 4, they told him he was a dead man walking.  The minute I heard he was ill, I started for Denver, a 10 hour drive from here.  No way I was going to let him go through this alone.  As it turned out, the Black Widow Spider bite he had received many months ago had caused an infection which had gone into the skin of his leg and hidden out there,  when it reappeared, it did so with a vengeance!  He had a 105 degree temperature, a right leg that was 7 inches bigger than his left leg, he was in incredible pain and as you can imagine, he was a very sick young man.  They sent him to the hospital (Medical Center of Aurora, an INCREDIBLE hospital) in an ambulance and he and I stayed there  for the next 5 days.  He had IV's in both arms, blood tests 3 or 4 times a day, vitals on the hour every hour and constant mothering from yours truly.  Finally by Thursday they let him go home.  I stayed with him another 5 days to help him with his meds, leg care and all of the things he couldn't do on his own.  When I look back on it, it amazes me that I was able to handle everything that I did.  I got, maybe, 2 hours of sleep a night, and it was always interrupted by either the nurses or my own concerns.  I "slept" on a lounge chair the first 5 nights, a cot the last 5 nights.  Two years ago I probably would have been in the hospital room next to him after three or four nights, but now I have such amazing energy and a zest for life that I handled it easily.  It's amazing what fantastic nutrition will do for a person! 

The best news is, of course, that my son is doing much better!  In fact, they were totally amazed that he came around as quickly as he did.  The doctor fully expected him to have to be on IV antibiotics for weeks after he was released from the hospital, but so far he is doing really well without!  She also thought he would be plagued with digestive issues because of all the meds, but he hasn't had any problems in that area either, and I am positive (and she agreed) that  it is because he drank 2 protein shakes with probiotics and enzymes every day that he was in there and every day since.

So, while life has been crazy it has also been pretty darned good!  I am so thankful that because I am my own boss, I was able to leave with a moments notice and go be with my son when he really needed me.  My son is very much on the mend and he is also heading home for Thanksgiving!  After he goes back, he is going to be looking for an apartment.  He has been sharing a house with some friends for the last several years but this experience has made him realize that he is better off having his own place.  It will be AWESOME because he can have friends over whenever he wants and can have family come stay whenever he wants!  I am so excited that I get to be a part of the whole adventure and after Christmas, or before if he can't get home for the Holidays, I will be heading there to help him move in.  His Christmas gift is going to be a 55 inch TV for his new place.  I am so excited! 

Anyway, life is crazy, but oh so good.  I have a couple of very fun things in the works too.  I will be rolling out a new blog (keeping this one though because of the Dale stories that I am not ready to let go of).  I am not quite ready to share it with you, but I will soon!  Big hugs to all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I, for one, have a lot to be thankful for!