Sunday, May 06, 2007

Drinking Blogger Thinking Blogger

I have been nominated for a thinking blogger award by Butterfly Girl. I don't know that I'm a particularly deep thinker, but I very much appreciate that she considers me to be. If you haven't been to her blog before, I suggest you do so immediately. She is a good read, full of fun and full of heart. She's the real deal, folks. You will thank me later, I promise.

As a nominee, it was my duty to nominate 5 other folks for the same award. My first thought was that there was no way I could narrow it down to five. Everyone on my blogroll is a thinker. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! Couldn't I just nominate my entire blog roll?

I read and re-read the rules, hoping that there was some sort of a loophole that I could take advantage of. I nearly called in an attorney, but decided against it. As my dad used to say, "What's the difference between an attorney and a sucker (fish)? One is a scum sucking bottom dweller and the other is a fish." ** I apologize to any and all lawyers that may or may not read this blog. In no way was I referring to you or any of your attorney friends, it is only a joke.

My next thought (were you surprised that I had two thoughts in the same day?) was to nominate only those who hadn't received a thinking award previously. That narrowed it down some, but the list was still entirely too long. This was TOO HARD!!! My brain was going to burst. Explode into flames of frustration and anguish!

After much soul searching, perusing of blogs and a little bit of eenie-meenie-miney-moe, I had the list narrowed down to 15. Gads, what to do now? Draw straws? Put the names in a hat? Have one of my cats pick? Throw up my hands in frustration and drink lots of wine or maybe a shot or two (or three) of tequila?

The drinking idea was starting to look better and better...

Finally *hiccup* after purshuing the final opshun fer awhile, I came up with my final five. It occurred to me that shome of you *hic* might rather not have this honor beshtowed upon you *hiccup*, so I deshided to email to ask for permishun. My first (and only) requesht *hic* was oh, sho, very, politely met with an "I'm not really into that
kind of thing" responshe (you know who you are--but I shtill lurve ya anyway), so the resht of you are getting thish honor whether you want it or not!

So without further ado and in no particular order, here are my five nominees for the Thinking Blogger Awards:

P B & J: Bill is a very kind-hearted, giving and loving man. His posts are always from the heart and he doesn't shy away from important issues. He is a good friend and a good person and very deserving of this award.

Mary's View: Mary is a caring and loving lady. Her posts will make you laugh and make you cry. She is a defender of nature and an amazing photographer. When I want a good giggle, I head on over to Mary's place and she rarely, if ever, fails to amuse me. I love her like a sister.
Looking Up: Cathy was one of my earliest blogging buddies and is one of the dearest people I know. We met during the 2,996 project and have stayed in contact ever since. She is smart and full of love and full of life. She has a soft spot in her heart for all of God's creatures, most especially birds, and is a very gifted photographer.

Mind Trips: Pam is one of a kind. Her command of PhotoShop is unbelievable and her poetry often moves me to tears. She is an incredibly gifted artist and an amazing person. She is a conservationist and is teaching her grandchildren to be the same. Her posts are always enlightening and always make me think.

Flitzy Phoebe: Bonita is another amazing woman I've come to know since I began blogging. She has to be one of the kindest and most spiritual people I've ever had the privilege to "meet". Her love for her family and nature is awe inspiring and she is also one tough lady.

Bill, Mary, Cathy, Pam and Bonita, please pick up your awards here. If any of you lovely people would rather not participate for one reason or another, it won't offend me.


Mary said...

Laurie, coming from you, this is an honor. I've never considered myself to be much of a thinker, though. You've handed me the torch and I'll carry on. Thanks, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want a silver medal boosting their ego?!! *L*

Congrats to all you fellow bloggers!

jen said...

i love new places to read. thank you.

Laurie said...

Mary, you are a great thinker. In fact when I think of you, I think of the famous statue, only yours would have to have a camera in hand...and a car nearby with the door gaping open.

OK, I don't think of you as the statue. But you are a thinker and a doer and a great gal who very much deserves recognition.

Butterfly, thank YOU for the honor you bestowed upon me. And of course the silver thingy looks great on any blog. ;-)

Jen, I know you'll enjoy them and they'll enjoy reading yours as well. You are welcome.

Within Without said...

dmm to the 83rd power, why don't you make the award thingy your new avatar?

Or at least pick out a more colorful rabbit that's facing toward the camera...

You ARE a thinker. Congrats to you and all of the others you honored, whose blogs I really must visit sometime.

Gina said...

Congrats to you and all!

MsLittlePea said...

Cool! I'm gonna check them out!

Pam said...

I am touched and honored! I have one big problem, however, I haven't got a clue how to link. Aside from Photoshop, my computer knowledge is minimal. I know how to post and comment...that's it! Tammy at "The Daily Warrior" was on my blog in the begining to help me get me set up, then we took her off.

I'll have to think about what to do, I don't want to drop the ball.

Cathy said...

Laurie - you sweetie. The older I get the more I question my 'thinking' abilities. I just had to use the 'spell check' thingy to see why 'abilities' wasn't spelled correctly.

Do I mess things up if I say 'ditto' to your selections and rest on my laurels without tagging others?

Is there a time limit? In a month or so I'd have waaaay more time to participate.

I'm so glad we met up - I don't need to 'think' that over.

Thank you for your kind remarks - I'm blushing (and smiling:0)

Laurie said...

WW to the Nth degree, giving me crap about my avatar, eh? I know it's not as colorful (ahem) as yours, but I think the south end of a rabbit going north kind of fits me.

Gina, it was so difficult narrowing it down to 5. I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than ever have to do it again.

Mspea, you'll love them...I promise.

Pam, as I said in my email to you, I'll help you in any way I can. :-)

Cathy, there is no time limit on this. Take all the time you need or just say ditto. Whatever works for you, dear lady.

Bonita said...

Laurie, this has to be one of the hardest things that a caring person has to do = to make a selection of 'worthy candidates'. It is like looking at a garden filled with a variety of flowers, some extraordinarily fragrant, or colorful, or exotic. Oftentimes, there is that little straggly volunteer that unknowingly was cast into the dirt by the wind, and finding herself there just sprouted as best as she could, unnoticed. Without much fanfare, she greeted the morning, did best in the shade, and scattered seeds back again into the wind. Thats how I feel about bloggers. All of them are unique and necessary, vital in their contributions, each of them a 'stand-out'. I'd never be able to make a choice! But, thanks for appreciating "Flitzy Phoebie"...I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

wd said...

Oh my goodness - Laurie, those kind words and the award brightened and made wonderful my week!!! What a wonderful gesture. Since yours is a blog that I read daily - I guess tag backs aren't in order. But I definitely will play!!!

You are so sweet - now I have to live up to your tag! (Maybe I better remove the pun post I did tonight!!)

(HUGE bear hug) ...b

Laurie said...

Bonita, you are welcome, dear lady. It was a most difficult decision to make. And as I said, I could easily have honored every blog I read, if I had been allowed to. I love your description of the garden, it's beautifully written and so very true. Thank you.

WD, I'm glad that it gave you a bright spot. Your blog is also one I read everyday. You are so insightful and full of caring, I felt you needed to be recognized.

Great big hugs back,

Katherine said...

Hey, congrats! I'll go visit your awardees next...

Rhea said...

I love checking out the blogs that Thinking Bloggers recommend. Thanks.

Laurie said...

Katherine, thanks for stopping by. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Rhea, there are so many to choose from, I had an awful time picking my 5. Thanks.

JustJock said...

too bad they don't have a drinking blogger award. i do my best writing when I'm blotto. well, not really, but who's gonna argue with a drunk man?