Saturday, June 30, 2007

How many Norwegians does it take to hook up a dryer?

Several months ago, Cousin Kay and I made a pact that we would go to Denver to celebrate Dale's 50th birthday. Since we weren't able to do that, we decided to spend the day together. Kay was house and babysitting while her niece went to training in Helena so I joined her in that endeavor.

I arrived in Billings Thursday afternoon. That night we watched movies and ordered in pizza. Kay and I doted on the kids and had a very good time. We celebrated Dale's birthday in a quiet, but good way, toasting him with ice cold Dasani water. We had such a nice time, in fact, that we decided that I would also stay on Friday night, when all but the youngest of the kids were going to be gone.

I shopped all day Friday, picking up everything (hopefully) that we will need for our booth at the county fair this year. It was hotter than hades (one of the signs said 105), but a good day, nonetheless.

Kay had given me a free coupon for a latte, so I was primed for the occasion. I shopped 'til I dropped and then Kay called me to meet at City Brew for yet another coffee. I was wired to the max by that time, I promise you.

At 5 pm, I had finished my shopping and Kay was done with work so we went back to the house. We fixed a salad for dinner, entertained Luke, her niece's youngest, and when he settled down for the evening, we were primed with double shot lattes and looking for something to do.

Kay's niece had just moved into the house and hadn't finished unpacking yet. We didn't want to try to guess where she wanted things, so we went looking for something else we could do to help.

Our quest led us to the basement where we found just the project; hooking up the dryer!

After a couple of hours and a trip to the hardware store we determined that it takes 2 Norwegians to hook up a dryer.

Can you imagine what it would look like if there had been three of us?

I wonder if her niece will ever ask us to house/baby sit again?


KGMom said...

Good grief--you had to go that far to vent the dryer? Who designed the layout? Hope the lint can travel that far!

Mary said...

You hooked up a dryer???? My Lord, I wouldn't know where to start. I'd be the tenth Norwegian :o) LOL!

Sounds like fun but I'd need a beer.

Within Without said...

I would've figured you 2 Norvegians might have vented it around the OTHER side of the basement, just for the heck of it.

Kinda like a 3-D wallpaper border strip or something.

By the time the air is vented out of the house, it'll be cold.

But it looks like you've got your ticket in dryer venting. Not what I'd be thinkin' about doin' on a Friday night, but good job!

Anvilcloud said...

I think that a vented dryer will get you lots of invites.

NatureWoman said...

I'm the 11th Norwegian (well, if I were Norwegian I would be). I try not to intrude on man land too much, but I may have to start now that my Dad isn't around to call anymore. Great job!

thailandchani said...

It gets up to 105 degrees there???




Laurie said...

KG, that's what we were thinkin' too. Next time I'm there we are going to rework it so that it doesn't have to travel that far. I need to find a longer cord for the dryer first, though.

Mary, of course! We Montana chicks are made of sturdy stock. I worked as an operator in a smelter for over a decade so this stuff is fairly easy for me.

WW, Ha! Maybe next time! That's what we Montanans do for fun, don't ya know?

AC, there's already talk of another visit. :-) There may be deck building involved.

Naturewoman, man-land is a fun place to go. So sorry about your dad though. {{Hugs}}

Chani, it does get pretty warm here, but it usually cools down at night.

Potato Prints said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm glad you celebrated Dale's birthday. I toast my big sister with bottle of water on her birthday each year. She died of kidney failure. It helps me remain grateful.

Anyway, that's a funny story. The photos kind of tell it all.

Potato Prints said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm glad you celebrated Dale's birthday. I toast my big sister with bottle of water on her birthday each year. She died of kidney failure. It helps me remain grateful.

Anyway, that's a funny story. The photos kind of tell it all.

Pam said...

This is priceless. Keep it up and everyone will want you over!

105 degrees? Aargh!

Dave said...

Wow!! A dryer hook and 94 gallons of caffine. Now that is what it is all about. Sounds as if you had fun. Thanks for sharing

Cathy said...

You gals have a second career here! I know a few men who couldn't have done as well :0)

Bonita said...

That is a mighty long tube. I'd be considering letting the hot air heat the basement, instead. Then, just vaccum up the lint.

Laurie said...

Potatoprint, I'm sorry to hear about your sister. **hugs**

Pam, it's been hot here for about a week with no end in sight. I like the heat, but 105 is a bit much even for me.

Dave, we had a great time doing it. Thanks.

Cathy, I know a few men who would probably argue that point, but thanks so much. It works, and that's what is important. :-)

Bonita, Luke, the youngest, is very sensitive to dust and lint, etc, so that really isn't an option. Too bad, though, it would be a good source of heat for the winter.

Gawpo said...

All I have to say about this is that, when it's all said and done, you got hosed.

Laurie said...

Gawpo, No kidding!

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