Thursday, September 06, 2007

A simple request...

A friend of mine has a request. Her children's school is requesting soil from all fifty states. They will be using it for a wide variety of school projects and it sounds like a really good learning experience for the children. I am sending soil from Montana, along with some conservation literature and information about this fine state.

I hope that some of you will volunteer to collect one cup of soil from your lawn and put it in a baggy. Mark the name of the state on the baggy and send it to:

W.G. Rice Elementary School
Att: Math Teacher
805 Holly P
Mt Holly Springs, PA 17065

There's no need to include any other information on the baggy, just put it in an envelope or box and mail it off. Wouldn't it be something if between us all we could make this happen for the children?

And now, as promised, here are some pictures from my Yellowstone River tour.

The confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers

I otter have had my camera at the ready...I'd have gotten a better shot of this lutra canadensis.

Everything is just ducky...

Boss, the crane, the crane...

"You lookin' at me?"

"I get so tired of the paparazzi..."

"Do I need to call my attorney?"


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’ll dig up some soil from the “Dark and Bloody Land” of Kentucky, perhaps even with a blade of Bluegrass with it.

Q said...

I will send some Missouri soil. What a fun project.
I love the Yellowstone River! You captured some great shots. An important job you have.

thailandchani said...

What a fun idea! :) Sending soil from all the states.

There is something special about it.



Anonymous said...

I otter give you a big fat hug!!!!

Fantasy Island was a teeny tiny bit before my time, but, hubby has been watching it On Demand (cable, ya know?) and I watched it with him. It was kind of a cool show and now I totally get the whole "The plane! The plane!" bit. So moral of the story, "The crane! The crane!" was hilarious to me! Cause it is so fresh and new to me. *L* Guess you had to be there?

Anvilcloud said...

This is getting to be a bit of a dirty blog.

Ur-spo said...

there is no dirt here in the arizona desert, but i will dig some up nevetheless.

Laurie said...

Nick, thanks so much! I'm sure they will love that.

Q (Sherry), you rock! I'm glad you liked the river shots.

Chani, I thought it sounded like a great project, so I wanted to pass it along.

Butterfly, ha ha ha!! You are so funny!! Glad you enjoyed the "crane" reference. :-)

AC, you crack me up! Maybe they'd like some Canadian soil too?

Ur-spo, thank you so much for playing along!

Mary said...


Cool idea! I will send a cup of very dry soil from my garden. Like Chani said, it's so special for the children.

I think the views you see in your part of the world are the best! Very scenic and lovely.

Now I need to go back and print out that address.

threecollie said...

I was expecting a different kind of crane for some reason...perhaps one with feathers?
Great photos!

Anonymous said...

One cup of genuine East Texas soil is on its way!

Dave said...

What a great Idea on the soil. I love your pictures. Especially the last few with Fuzzy Wintogreen.

Have a great weekend

Squirl said...

You got some great shots! I love the critters.

Doesn't look like anyone else is sending from Michigan yet. I'm torn between going to the beach for sand or a blueberry field for the loose, sandy soil. Probably the sandy soil, though.

Cooth said...

I'll be happy to send a bag of North Dakota soil!

You have got such great pics on your blog - I used to live in eastern Montana - you are making me miss it!!

Cathy said...

How soon do I need to start dishing the dirt ?

That little ground squirrel is sooo cute. He is a squirrel isn't he?

Oh! I love your new picture. Wooohooo - girl! Lookn' good!

Montana Girl In Kansas City said...

I will gladly send you some soil from Missouri and Kansas. Hope it helps. And that squerral is sooo cute!!! love the captions.

MsLittlePea said...

Haven't been around lately...sorry :o)

Loved the pictures.

Gina said...

How cute is that little guy! And your captions made me laugh!

I'll see if I can send some SoCal dirt their way.

KGMom said...

That Cathy--she already said what I planned to say.
1) Love the cute ground squirrel, especially looking over his shoulder at you.
And 2) Hey, hey Laurie--check out your new look. You go, girl.

Within Without said...

What about a soil sample from Canada, the unofficial 51st State? We feel so ignored up here...

Great shots, particularly of the ground squirrel or chipmunk or, let's just say rodent.

Laurie said...

Mary, thanks so much for playing along! As for the views, I think you have some pretty nice ones yourself!

Threecollie, no feathers on that crane, though I think there might have been a skunk living under it...peeeuuuu!

Thomas, thank you so much!

Dave, thanks so much, glad you like the pix!

Squirl, either will be wonderful! I am so excited about this!

Cooth, where did you live before? I'll post more pictures as soon as possible. I have a couple of big things coming up and I'm short of time right now. I hope to get some good fall shots soon.

Dawn, thanks darlin', you are the best!

Mspea, I've missed you, but so glad you are having a fun summer.

Gina, that would be great! Glad you liked the pictures!

KG, thanks dear. You made my day.

WW, of course you can send some soil! I am sure the kids would love some dirt from the north country. Thank you!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is an interesting school project. Is she going to mix them and grow something in the spoil?
At the base of Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire there is an outdoor chapel when the stones that make up the alter come, one from each State. I always like that idea when I preached there.

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