Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What a difference a day makes...

The trees were really beautiful this fall. I was almost late for work because I ran back to get the camera for this shot. I thought the weather was about to change...sadly, I was right.

Emmy out prowling in the privacy fenced, impervious to trespassers, and escape attempts yard, for what would be the last time for awhile. It turns out she's a fair weather cat. She hasn't set foot outside since the snow started falling.

Poor Talouse has snow on his antlers. What's a poor moose to do?

The newspaper said that we got more snow in the past two days than we did in the entire past year. Where the h*ll is this global warming they keep telling us about? I say bring it on!


Ponita in Real Life said...

Your place looks like mine!! We've had over 20 inches of snow in November, and now have sun but well below normal temps. It sucks!

I had a cat named Emmie (not with a 'y') who was a brown tabby. Best mouser ever! And total sweetie.

Is your neighbour a cop? Handy... ;-)

Anvilcloud said...

That's quite a change, and you have a smart cat.

Ur-spo said...

please send some snow here; I would appreciate it !

Four said...

Great pictures!

I'm sooo jealous! In Colorado we're having a snow famine--which is killing me!

Cathy said...

Laaaaauuurie . . . it's meeeeee . .

Are you still heeer?

Hi Honey.


What a winter.

I hope things are OK with you.

I'm just starting to come out of hibernation.

It's so good of you to drop by my blog.

You're a sweetheart.
Think spring. I sure am :0)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Write something, Laurie. I miss your words.

Laurie said...

I'm sorry everyone, I just haven't had time to put together a post. After all your sweet comments, I will write something soon. Big hugs to are the best.