Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a difference a few months makes!

Pretty surprising what eating the best food on the planet can do for a gal, eh?

I can't believe the difference in, well everything, since i started my wellness program. I am happy ALL the time, and it's not because of the weight loss, it's because I feel so darned good. Something has happened on a cellular level and it feels AMAZING! I have energy every single day, my mind is clearer, my thoughts are brighter, it's like a big cloud had been hanging over my head and NOW IT IS GONE!

The "after 6 months" photo was taken a couple of months ago. More changes have happened since then. My skin is SO much nicer now, my hair is back to thick and healthy after the wild chemo ride, and my body is getting into a proper shape (I always said round is a shape, but I'm pretty sure it's not a proper shape for the human body). It feels like the real me had been on an extended vacation and now I'm back!

Anyway, more later! I'm off to enjoy this amazing weekend!


Anvilcloud said...


Not too many potato chips I guess.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

You look wonderful.

Laurie said...

AC, it's funny, once I started using these products, my cravings for the bad stuff went away. So potato chips, yes, but the baked kind. Yum.

Lynne, I feel much better than I look. :)

pink said...

Laurie - you're looking amazing. For me, exercise helps keep the bad stuff away...when i exercise i only want to eat healthy. funny that. keep up the great work towards wellness xx pinks

sbo said...

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