Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring has sprung, the grass is griz, I wonder where the flowers is?

For a day or so there, it was looking like we might need to gas up the jet boat just to get out of the driveway! All together, I think we got almost 2 inches of rain in two days, which is a real godsend since it has been a dry winter for the most part. My brother and dad, unfortunately, haven't gotten this moisture for some reason. They tease me about being a flatlander, but who's smiling now mountain boys? lol!
Anyway, so much excitement here, I am in the final packing frenzy before I head to Colorado. I suppose I will forget something, I always do, but who cares? They have EVERYTHING in Colorado, so I can just buy it!
The picture, by the way, is of an Allis Chalmers tractor my dad owns. It runs like a top and has new tires. He is willing to part with it, so if you know of anyone who is interesting in aquiring one, email my brother at

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