Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Can you say Whewwww?

Well it's official, I'm one tired dudette! I worked 10 hours today, and still had time to get my hair cut! I am soooo close to being ready to go to Colorado! My "to do" list is getting smaller and smaller! Today I put the finishing touches on the conservation district newsletter; though I brought it home to check for errors tonight and found a couple I will have to fix tomorrow. After that I will burn a copy off on cd and send it off to the printer! I am really excited because we've gone with a whole new look and format and I can't wait to see it in print (crossing fingers). Thank god my brother edits the articles for me; he actually makes me sound smart!

In other news, I am still VERY excited about the trip to Colorado! S.O. will be one happy camper when he sees the car drive off into the sunset, my exhuberance (is that a word) is making him crazy! Oh well, he will have 9 days to get over it. I am also still loving my XM radio! I grin from ear to ear every time I set foot in the car. No more C & W or Oldie Moldie music for me! Today I was jammin' to Dire Straits and Joan Jett, life IS good!
Anyway, enough blathering! Today's photo is of my dad's Chesapeake, Lucky. I never met a nicer dog. She gave us 16 years of joy, may she rest in peace.

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