Monday, March 27, 2006

I am SOOOO very excited!

YAY! My XM Satellite radio came today! Life is suhweet! This makes me even more excited about going to Colorado (if that is possible). I think S.O. will be glad to see me go; I'm even more "up" than usual in the days before I go on a road trip. I guess I should try to mellow out around him so I don't annoy him as much....but NAH! I am HAPPY and I shall let the entire world know it.
Speaking of happy, here are a couple of pictures of Shasta (the disasta) on a trip we took last June. She had sooo much fun playing in the water on Butcher Creek. When we got in the truck to continue our adventure, she chose that moment to ""SHAKE"" and water went everywhere!

And one more thing, if any of you out there are as dense as I am about how computers actually work; here is a website that will make it all crystal clear .

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