Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hi hoe, hi hoe, it's off to Colorado I go!

I am so excited. In 8 days I will be leaving for Colorado to attend a seminar on Coal Bed Methane produced water! The added bonus here is that I also get to see my son! I have not seen him since February, so I am extremely excited for this opportunity. I will leave on Sunday morning the 2nd of April and return on the 10th.
I took the skyscraper picture when I was in Denver in October of last year for the Western Wetlands Symposium. I absolutely love my job! It allows me to travel and learn, two things I truly love doing.
The mountain picture was taken in Estes Park. My son's friend Dave took us up there and I had the time of my life with those two boys. We took a whirlwind tour of
Boulder, where my son now works, and Estes Park.
We walked all over Boulder and went into a lot of those really nifty shops there. One of the most interesting places was the hammock shop in the Pearl Street Mall. The hammocks there are completely amazing. It was sad to see that the shop was closing but their stuff can be found online. It really was an enjoyable day in every way.
We also went to see the Stanley Hotel, which was the inspiration for the hotel in the Shining. I took a lot of pictures there, but the ones on their site are much nicer. The second picture from the top was taken from the parking lot of the Stanley.
I really loved the Colorado mountains, but to be honest, I think the mountains are prettier where I was born (see third picture from the top).

I was kind of surprised to discover how much I liked downtown Denver. I couldn't stop gawking (like a tourist) at the tall buildings and I really enjoyed the museums that we toured. My son seemed to enjoy squiring me around, and we both had a wonderful time during my time spent there. I will say, however, if I ever moved to Denver, I would require a chauffer. My son says you get used to the traffic, but I seriously doubt I ever would, and I'm pretty certain that Denver is a safer place because I choose not to drive there.

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laurie kelley said...

Interesting, 7 years later I am living and driving in Denver! Life IS good!