Monday, August 27, 2007

It just doesn't get any better than this...

I just arrived home from Deadwood and I have to say that it was one of the best times I've had in so long I can't remember.

Some of my best friends in the world were there (Virginia and Denton, Ken and Cindy, Augie and Patsy, and Alvin and Rosie) and we enjoyed every minute of the stay.

My friend Cindy, from Billings, shown here modeling her Diva sunglasses and flashing us the peace sign. Virg and I also bought Diva sunglasses to go with the Diva purses that Virg bought for us all. My purse is blue, Virg's is white and Cindy's is pink. They are covered in rhinestones. We decided that we all looked "precious". I'm not so sure the men-folk agreed.

Denton, Ron and Virg (modeling her Diva sunglasses).

One of the most interesting stops was at Boondocks, which is a little mini-town that caters to the tourists that frequent the Deadwood area.

We had such a blast! In Deadwood I bought souvenirs for my family and even some clothes that fit my newly and nearly slimmed down body (I've lost a little over 100 pounds since August of last year).

On our trip we saw all kinds of cool cars and while I would have loved to take photos of each and every one of them, I ended up not taking many pictures at all. Once again I decided to live in the moment, rather than take photos of it.

I did manage to photograph our friend's cars.

This is Cindy and Ken's 1969 Camaro SS convertible.

Rosie and Alvin, riding in their friend's Amphicar

Our dear friend Denton's 1948 Ford Coupe. This car goes from a dead stop to blowing your socks off in about 3 seconds. What a ride!

Probably the highlight of the 4 day weekend was seeing the excitement on my dearest friend Virginia's face when her husband presented her with her sweet new ride.

Can you say gorgeous (the car and my friends Virg and Cindy)?


Cathy said...


Gee. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and got to do it with that 'new-and-improved' bod! 100 lbs! You go girl!


thailandchani said...

All of them gorgeous!

And 100 pounds? Wowza! That's awesome!



NatureWoman said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad you had a great time! And 100 pounds! Congratulations! I so need to lose weight, too! You've inspired me!

KGMom said...

Nothing like good friends, good times, and good sunglasses!

MsLittlePea said...

Wow! Pretty impressive. Looks like fun.

Congratulations on your 100 pounds. How did you do it?

Laurie said...

Cathy, thanks dear lady. I had a wonderful time. ((hugs))

Chani, thank you. I feel great!

Naturewoman, you can do it, I know you can!

KG, they are cute, aren't they? I didn't used to be a Diva kind of girl, but I seem to be more interested in that kind of thing now for some reason. :-)

Littlepea, I try to eat six small meals a day, (breakfast is usually the largest) including lots of fruit and vegetables. I don't eat for 3 hours before bed and I get off my butt and walk and ride my bike. Once a week I eat more than normal to boost my metabolism. I still need to lose some more and firm up, but I'm getting there. Thanks!

Ur-spo said...

that all sounds and looks fun; i am glad you are letting your hair down.

Ginnie said...'ve certainly been up to a lot since I last visited. I have been very lazy in the blog area & I'm excited for you. So glad you had such a great time and those cars "are a gas" use the language of the 50's.

jen said...

the thing is, you bring this joy wherever you go. it's you. the rest is just accessories.

KC said...

Glad you had such a great time! 100 lbs since last year! That's amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love the little Ford coup- I'm a sucker for anything with fins.

Anvilcloud said...

Wow! Dems alotta pounds.

Helen the Felon said...

You've been through so much in the last year...I'm so happy to hear that you had a great time with your friends. No one deserves it more than you, Superwoman. (Please note: I thought you were Superwoman even before I knew you lost 100 pounds in a year. Now I'm in complete awe. Seriously. Wow.)

Laurie said...

Ur-spo, I really am letting loose and enjoying myself more. If the experiences of the last year or so have taught me anything, it's that life here on earth is short--so live it!

Ginnie, ha ha!! Yes they are a gas!

Jen, that is so sweet to say. I'm like everyone, I have my bad days...but usually I have more good than bad. :-)

KC, if I can lose the rest and keep it off...THAT will be amazing!

Thomas, I love them too! Fins and cat eyes rock!

AC, I'm a stubborn woman and when I set my mind to something I usually accomplish it.

Helen, I don't think I'm super in any way. Being with Dale helped, to be honest. He gave me strength and showed so much determination to fight, I think it carried over to me in my fight to lose weight. But thanks so much!

threecollie said...

Cool! That's what I say. Very cool..

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a blast! You deserved it so much! I want to hear all the other details! And we need more pics if you have any.
Luv Ya!

Cooth said...

Very cool cars!! Looks like you had a great time!

I love your diet plan - you make it sound so simple!! (I know that it was lots of hard work tho!) Congrats on the loss!!! I'm in awe!

Gina said...

Wow, that Ford is awesome, and usually I don't like Fords.

And, how fabulous for you that you lost so much weight!

Laurie said...

Threecollie, the cars are cool and so are the people that own them.

Dawn, I will call you later. I'm packing for a business trip and trying to get ready to go to daddy's for the weekend. Hugs to you and Em.

Cooth, it really is simple. I can't imagine why I didn't try it before. Humans throughout history were grazers, it is only recently that we started the 3 large meals a day regiment. I find it keeps my metabolism going to nibble. :-)

Gina, I'm a Chevy gal myself, but Virg's car is incredible.

Laurie said...

Arghhhh...I forgot to mention that I drink a lot of water and stay away from carbonated beverages! :-)

Mary said...

You lost 100 pounds????!!!! I can't even lose 10!

I am happy to see you happy, Laurie. Great cars, great people, smiles. You needed this weekend. It was a blessing.

100 lbs...hmmmm. You go.


Squirl said...

Those cars are fabulous!

Squirl said...

And major congrats on losing the weight! That's such a tough thing to do. Hope you're feeling better for it.

Laurie said...

Mary, it really is easier to lose the first 100 than the last 30. I'm finding that out now! Hugs

Squirl, I feel so SO much better! You have no idea!!