Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shop til ya drop!

Tomorrow, kid cousin Sadie Rose has surgery on her knee. She has had an infection behind the knee cap for some time and they decided the time has come to go in and remove whatever is causing it. It's out-patient surgery and she will be home by 2 pm tomorrow, so it isn't anything dangerous or horrible, but kind of scary to a 9 year old (and to a certain 51 year old).

Being typical women we decided some retail therapy was in order and we hit the mall with a vengeance. We left the house at 3:30 pm and only returned when they shut the doors behind us at 9 pm (yes it's Montana...the sidewalks roll up early here, even at Christmas time). The only time we stopped our shopping extravaganza was to use the rest room and haul bags to the car when our arms got too tired to haul them around any more.

We finally arrived home around 9:30 and unloaded some of our bounty. We were giggling and laughing on the way up the walk. I turned around to use the remote to lock the car and somehow managed to hit the alarm button. I had so many bags in my hands that I couldn't free a finger to push the cancel alarm button and when I finally did I accidentally opened the trunk instead. By now Sadie Rose was practically ill with laughter and I had to admit, it was probably quite the scene. The car lights were flashing, the alarm was...alarming and the trunk was wide open.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching and noticed the new neighbors to the west were staring out their living room window. The lights of the house to the east suddenly turned on and I hoped they weren't calling the police to report a theft next door.

I finally managed to extricate myself from the bags, push the proper button(s) and the ruckus stopped. Sadie was giggling hysterically but we finally got the car locked, the trunk shut and staggered into the house.

Six hours of walking, shopping and hysterical laughter later, we are both in our jammies, tired but content. Everything is going to turn out just fine for Sadie...that much we know. It does, however, remain to be seen if I survive the opening of my next credit card bill.

UPDATE: Sadie sailed through the surgery and is doing just fine. She's already home and set up like a princess in the family room, remote in one hand, bon-bon's in the other. We will be waiting on her until she heals. Life IS good!


threecollie said...

Best wishes to her...and to you.
And thanks for a good laugh!

Dave said...

What a great experience. The price of the credit card bill does not even come close to the worth of your day.

Rimshot said...

Aww, aren't you just the sweetest grape-peeler! I'm sure Sadie is in excellent hands and I'm glad her procedure went well.

What'd you get me?

Bobbi said...

You Rock Goober Girl!!!I am glad to hear sadie came through well, You are absolutely the queen of retail therapy here lately. You sure do deserve it, plus you have a wardrobe that looks totally awesome on you. Lots of Love, Big Hugs to all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear things went so smoothly-I'm sure she's glad to have that behind her!

seventh sister said...

I'm glas she is doing well. Just reading about all that shopping made me tired.

Ur-spo said...

that almost makes having surgery worthwhile if you will come over and pamper me so!

Pam said...

If I had been there I probably would have been rolling on the ground in hysterics, is just the kind of mishap to set me off.

My best to the recuperating Sadie, and Merry Christmas to all.

Mary said...

Happy to hear she came through with flying colors! Life IS GOOD.

But, will you take me shopping like that, giggling all the way?

Squirl said...

Retail therapy, how wonderful. That must have been funny and embarrassing at the same time. Nice to have a good catch-up post from you.

If I don't "see" you again, before, have a great holiday!

Within Without said...

Yeah, but did you buy yourself more clogs or whatever they're called?

Sadie sounds super. And I'm sure she's more so because of you and your big heart.

Laurie said...

Threecollie, glad you got a giggle out of it.

Dave, you are so right!

Rimshot, thanks for stopping by. I'll head over and check out your blog soon.

Bobbi, :-0 Goober Girl?? You know you are the one and only goober girl!!

Thomas, she's doing great! We are having a hard time keeping her off of her leg though.

Sister, it was actually invigorating! Sadie is so much fun to be with.

Ur-spo, I'd be happy to.

Pam, I'm still giggling over it. It was like the car was possessed, or maybe that was me!

Mary, you can't go shopping with Sadie and I without laughing all the way. We have so much fun!

Squirl, happy holidays to you too!

WW, I actually did buy myself some new clogs and Sadie a pair of really nice knee high boots. To quote Sadie (who may have been quoting me now that I think about it) "a girl has to spend a little on herself once in awhile".

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

How did the surgery on kid cousin Sadie Rose go?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Never mind: I put on my glasses and found the update!

Gina said...

So glad it went well!

I hope you have a great holiday, Laurie!

MsLittlePea said...

Glad she's doing ok.

See! Retail therapy works then!