Monday, February 25, 2008

The River

A couple of weeks ago I decided that kid-cousin Sadie and I needed some time together. I'd been working a lot of extra hours and had not had the opportunity to spend weekends in Billings as I had been. Sadie was missing me and even more I think, missing our visits to Grampa at the nursing home.

I picked Sadie up Friday after school and after a long visit at the nursing home, we drove to Absarokee to spend the weekend with Uncle Mike. We were greeted at the door by Shasta and a little while later Mike's cat Floyd (originally named Pretty Boy by his original owner) and the newest member of the household, former neighbor Lois's cat, Cuddles, came out to visit.

We spent the evening relaxing, watching TV and visiting. Mike was happy to have us over and Sadie doted on all of the critters. I, for once, didn't even open my laptop to work!

Saturday, in addition to visiting Grampa at the nursing home, we went on a couple of very fun adventures.

Our first stop was Hawkin's Park. The park is one of Mike and Shasta's favorite places to romp and Sadie, as you can see from the pictures, really enjoyed it as well.

Soon after we arrived at the park, Sadie told Mike and I that she had never walked beside a frozen river before. My heart broke a bit thinking of all the opportunities she had missed in her life and I vowed then to make sure she and her siblings had more outdoor adventures in the future.

Shasta explored every inch of the park as usual.

Sadie got a huge kick out of walking on the thick ice at the edge of the river.

I think she really enjoyed being around "Uncle" Mike and I know he really loved showing her the river.

Sadie reminds me so much of Wolf when he was young. He never walked by a log in his life that he didn't want to stand on.

Mike has a great sense of humor. Sadie laughed so hard that later she told me her face hurt.

Sadie was amazed at how bright the ice was in the sunlight

and how bright blue the mountains appeared.

Uncle Mike spotted the giant hunk of ice in the free flowing part of the river, so of course I had to take a photo of it!

I love the way the old power plant looks surrounded by ice.

The second stop of the adventure was at "the secret place". The ice out there is especially thick.

In the setting sun, it had a kind of blue hue to it.

Shasta, of course, had a great time. She always does!

I call this one Sadie the irrigator. She found this headgate valve and had a blast trying to turn it. Uncle Mike kept teasing her that come the spring thaw the town of Absarokee would be under four feet of water from her efforts. She thought he was really funny!

And so it ended. The moon was beautiful and bright and so was the day.

Life is really beautiful, isn't it?


Wolf said...

Awesome pictures mom. Thats really great to see, I really miss you guys and how pretty it is out there. I actually remember that log Sadie is standing on. It has moved but usto stick strait out into the water over the swimming hole over there, my friends and I used to jump off of it all the time but had to be careful because people would fish over there and get there hooks stuck on the log. I remember a couple times getting poked buy a hook stuck in that log. Last time I was there the water had pushed it kinda into the sandy bank but its still there.


Menchie said... looks cold!

But the pictures are soooo pretty! I wish we could visit a place that looks like that one of these days.

Dave said...

The awsomeness of wonder that comes with youth. You have made us go back a few years and remember some very special times.

Thank you

Cathy said...

Awwww. She' sweet and so lucky that cousin Laurie is there to share the wonders and beauty of your special place in Montana.

It's good to see Shasta. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed these photos. Thank you for posting them.

MsLittlePea said...

So beautiful. I enjoyed this post Laurie. Weren't all of your ears cold though? I can't be outside in that kind of cold without earmuffs, but I'm a wimp like that.

Mary said...


I would have been as young and inexperienced as Sadie. We would have laughed together in awe.

MIke, you, and Shasta are wonderful tour guides...

What a great day. Your photos show me what it's like to live in natural surroundings. Beautiful!


Ur-spo said...

this arizonan was shivering to see it.
Doesn't anyone there wear hats and gloves? hardy folk, you all are!

Pink said...

Life IS beautiful.

Thank you for reminding me.

Gorgeous photos!

Homey Escapeon said...

Cool. Were the Wolves watching you from the ridge?

That old Power Plant looks spooky..
any ghost stories?

It is fun to walk out on THICK ice but I was always inclined to scramble out on THIN ice...
not so much anymore.

The Great Outdoors. Thanks, now I don't need to go out for a walk.

Squirl said...

Nice pictures, good day. :-)

Lemon Stand said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing them!