Saturday, February 16, 2008

Warmer times revisited...

If it's not obvious from the title of this post, I'm longing for spring. We've had a lot of snow and bitter cold this winter and it seems like I'm never warm anymore. My cousin says it's because I've lost most of my insulation, but I think it has more to do with age.

Whatever the reason, I'm disliking winter more this year than ever before. I'm not one to sit around moping, so I decided to sort through my spring, summer and fall pictures to remind me of what is ahead.

The pictures below are the ones that gave me the warmest fuzzzies.

I hope they brighten your spirit as well.

Be safe and stay warm everyone, I love you all.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Nice Springy pics. I long for it, even though the forecast high here for tomorrow is a nice 50 F—with a strong winds warning and a cold front coming through!

NatureWoman said...

Oh my, they sure do Laurie! Thank you for sharing these!

Dave said...

Ah! I can feel the warmth of the sun as I look at your phots. Spring is not far away. Thank you

moos said...

I can't wait for flowers! Thanks! Stay warm, girl.

thailandchani said...

Wow... just wow! Those pictures are so beautiful!

Being in California, I can't say I have any reaction to the season.. but, oh geez, am I ever in for some beauty!

Thanks for the glimpse. :)

Carol said...

Thanks for the warm fuzzies. I've had a crappy day so far and these really made me smile. Especially the cat.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I look forward to the "lazy, hazy, days of summer". Life is such a struggle in the Winter.

Pam said...

Nice collection of pictures, I think I recall a couple of them.

threecollie said... really, truly gave my heart a lift! Thanks!!

Wolf said...

Thanks for putting those picks up mom. Its realy nice to see something like that when the weather is crappy. We need to have you come down to Denver some time during the spring/summer this time while the botanical gardens is fully open so we can take more pictures there. That is such a pretty place and also go see the zoo.

Courtney said...

Heh, it was a whole 40 degrees out yesterday, so I washed windows. It felt great and almost made me think spring was a comin'. Today, I want it to be spring even more!

Wolf said...

BTW just to advertise a bit here. I made a blog post on my site for once:P


Mary said...

I don't like the cold anymore, either, Laurie. As I get older, I were coats and jackets more often. Longing for spring, too.

Your photos are uplifting. I remember many of them!


Menchie said...

The nature pics are just soooo beautiful Laurie! I hope it gets warm over on your side soon!

KGMom said...

The mountains are SO beautiful.
Warm days will be here soon.
Take heart.

Homo Escapeons said...

I think that it is age too. Aside from killing bacteria and mosquitos, now that I am on the shady side of the mountain (50) I absolutely loathe the Cold.
We have had 12 consequtive days of -40 and I am fit to be tied.

This Summer, if it ever arrives, I promise not to complain about the heat until July 15th.

Cathy said...

Oh Laurie! How I identify with your February blahs and that longing for the good damp smell of the earth and green shoots announcing 'Spring'!

Those pictures are a tonic . . . my favorite is 'ears back in the breeze'. I can't remember the dog's name. Dang. This old brain. Dang.

Hurry up with the pixes of your new wonderful place. Do you miss those velvet unicorns ? ;0)

Love you too . .
Big Hug,

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Wow! Your pictures are awesome! These do make me smile, feel a little warmer, and well, just good all over!

I've never been to your blog but I saw the flying monkeys thing and had to sneak a peak. I like it!