Monday, October 20, 2008

All is good...

You know how you can save voicemails on your cell phone and they periodically come up for review, then you listen to them again and determine if you want to save or delete?

Well today the voicemail Cousin Dale left when he arrived at the hospital in Denver for his bone marrow transplant in March of 2007 came up for renewal.

This is not an unusual event in and of itself, it does so every 40 days...but that it came due today, on my 52 birthday, when I am convalescing from surgery (I'm so not a good patient), away from my son, my favorite feline, unable to visit my dad and feeling quite sorry for myself, does seem a bit uncanny.

I choose to believe that it is Dale's way of telling me, as he said in his message to me, "all is good".

Thanks, Dale.


NatureWoman said...

All is good, for sure. {{{HUGS}}}!

thailandchani said...

That is uncanny! But how great that you still have a message from him!

Hope you are healing up well.


Ur-spo said...

that is nice; i concur it is a marvelous thing.

moos said...

Happy Belated Birthday, yes all is good!

Squirl said...

I definitely think it's a message from Dale. Your birthdate was also my maternal grandmother's. And it's the day, five years ago, that my brother died.

Sending loving, healing thoughts your way. ((HUGS))

Nicole said...

Oh, Laurie! So sorry you're hurting! Life can be so bittersweet... Hang in there girlfriend, we're all rooting for you! xo, Nicole ~.~

ps. Happy Belated Birthday!

Laurie said...

Nature, thanks for the hugs! All IS good@

Chani, I am healing very well and feeling very well, thanks.

Ur-spo, after the shock wore off, it was a splendid birthday wish. I have to say, though, it was a surprise to hear his voice like that...

Moos, you are so right. Big hugs.

Squirl, thanks for sharing that with me. And thanks for the loving healing thoughts.

Nicole, I am actually feeling quite well...I was just feeling a bit down on my birthday. All is very good now, thanks!

Ponygirl said...

Glad to hear you are healing well, Laurie. And Happy belated Birthday.

Such emotions flow when things from the past surface like that. I get that every once in a while too, with people I have lost. But you have many good friends who are sending you hugs and best wishes.

Mary said...

It's all OK, Laurie. You didn't need that voicemail to remember Dale... He's always with you. And you'll make that trip to see Dad when you can.

Smile and heal well!


Donn Coppens said...

That is as cool, as it is fortuitous.

Hope the pain mamgement is working and that you have a speedy recovery.
Listen to the instructions of your caregivers and don't try to speed it up.

Dave said...

I hope your road to recovery is a short one and that you will be back 120%. That voice mail was there for a purpose and it was to aid you in a time of life to help you heal.
I wish you well.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Total kismet! Heal away.
(found you through Oh, The Joys)