Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christmas every day!

Last night in my dreams I received two HUGE boxes of  the products that changed everything about my life.  I sat on the floor and opened them up like it was Christmas!  I brought out each item and oohed and awed over them like they were precious gems, but truth be known, they are much more valuable than that to me.  I started using the products a little over two years ago, at a low point health and otherwise in life that I hope none of you ever see.   I started to see improvements to my health within a few days, and as time went on I felt better and better!!  It wasn't long before I was able to tell the medical field I no longer "needed" their assistance after 25 years of "need" and by the end of six months I had released over 100 pounds and felt better physically and emotionally than I had in over 25 years. 

Now, 2 plus years later, I am 165 pounds lighter and healthier than I ever remember being.  I am happy to the very core of my being and I smile for absolutely no reason ALL THE TIME!  And it's not just my physical health that has improved, my financial health is BETTER THAN EVER!  I share the products with my family and friends, coach them in all aspects of product usage and help them build a wonderful business with the products if they choose.

I have made amazing friends in this amazing company and my life is better than I ever imagined it could be. I said goodbye to my demanding, demeaning and depressing job in education after seven months and now the only limit to the amount of money I can  make is the limits I place on myself, and trust me...I HAVE NO LIMITS! 

So you see, it really is Christmas, every single day. 

Thank you Isagenix, for giving me my life back.


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I like your words really
I will by happy if u told me your opinion about the poem ..thank you
i wish this poem will help people to overcome the difficult moments in here life