Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I just let it flow...

I'm my own boss, so I work from home.  Usually I rock out  with my Emmy kitty on my lap, listening to Pandora Radio on the smart TV.  The surround sound makes it an almost surreal experience. I find I go through a whole range of emotions as the music changes and I know it's because certain songs remind me of the people I love and I have lost.  Today is no exception.  I was giggling and chair dancing while listening to Bonnie Raitt and Bon Jovi (don't judge me), and then Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World" came on and, sure enough, my eyes started to leak.  Cousin Dale LOVED jazz and he absolutely adored Louis Armstrong.  It made me miss him more than ever.  It's so hard to believe he has been gone for almost six years.  Do certain songs remind you of people you have loved and lost?  If so, do you avoid listening to them or do you turn them up loud and let the emotion flow?

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