Sunday, March 10, 2013

No longer a thinner version of the same old miserable me

I have promised to tell my story for a long time.  My life has been crazy busy, and it still is, but it has been suggested to me that it needs to be told as it will help others who are now, as miserable as I was then, and helping others is what my life is all about, so here goes.  I am baring my soul, so please be kind in your comments. 

This photo was taken as I prepared for my dad's Celebration of Life in 2009.  I was nowhere near my heaviest, but I had not allowed any photos to be taken of me for a long time, and this one was taken in secret by my son.  

My story:  I struggled with many health conditions for decades.  I was on various remedies provided by my doctors and nothing was helping, in fact, things were getting worse every day.  I could barely walk due to a debilitating joint condition, I was wider than I was tall, in part from the many, many MEDS I was on and in part because the pain from the condition made it very, very painful to do any kind of exercise at all.  I tried every kind of "diet" known to man and I lost a significant amount of weight, many times over, but never kept it off and it never really made me feel any better.  I was just a thinner version of a miserable me.  Christmas 2010 was bleak.  Very, very bleak.  I was at my zenith weight wise, topping the scale at well over 300 pounds.  My son couldn't come home for Christmas and I drove the 450 miles from Idaho to Montana in abject misery.  I spent almost a week at home, wallowing in my sadness, and drove back to Idaho on New Year's Eve.  Little did I know how radically my life was going to change the very next day! 

To be continued...


Ur-spo said...

I stop by regularly hoping to see you posting; I was pleased as punch to read this. I look forward to the rest of the story.

Anvilcloud said...

I'll stay tuned.