Friday, July 20, 2007

If it's over 100 degrees every day, it must be fair week...

Forsyth, MT Detailed Local Forecast

  • Today: Mostly sunny. A stray afternoon or evening thunderstorm is possible. High near 100F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph.
  • Tonight: Clear to partly cloudy. Low 69F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Tomorrow: Generally sunny. Very hot. High 103F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.
  • Tomorrow night: Partly cloudy skies early will give way to clearing overnight. Low 67F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Sunday: Plenty of sun. Highs 103 to 107F and lows in the upper 60s.


thailandchani said...

Too Hot!!

Anything over 75 degrees is just too doggone hot! ;)



Pink said...

Sales of soup and hot chocolate have soared in London. Today I went to work in wellingtons because my block was completely flooded from the rain.

Well too much of either is no good.

Mary said...

And I thought 100 is bad. Those few extra degrees would make me ill.

Stay Inside and Stay Cool, Laurie!

Dave said...

And I complain when it goes over 85. You live in a frying pan LOL.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’m sorry you are having that heat! I know what it can be like.

Here in Louisville Alex and I are Snoopy dancing to celebrate the cold front that came in last night with its storms and lower temperatures. Unfortunately, it won’t last past the weekend, but today the temperature have been in the 70s and low 80s, 25 or so degrees below what it has been the past month.

Hope ya’ll get a break from the heat, too.

Gina said...

Man, you guys are hotter than us!

Laurie said...

Chani, no kidding. I love warm weather, but this is too hot for me.

Pink, could you send a bit of that my way, please?

Mary, it's tragic, really. It was 107 on the midway of the fairgrounds this afternoon.

Dave, I'm afraid you are right.

Nick, I hope your weather stays cool so that you and Alex are more comfy.

MsLittlePea said...

I love it. I love hot weather. It was 98 today with a heat index in the 100 at my end of the country--I am sooo in heaven!(?) I imagine your heat is dry though....I like it humid if you can believe that.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

We could use some of that hot and dry weather here in NE Ontario. They predicted it in the Spring but so far only warm and moist weather. There is a good crop of hay but with a little rain every day it is not being harvested.

When and if we get those hot days I shall sit in the river up to my neck most of the day.

JustJock said...

In my neck of the woods, it's like this: If it's well over 100 degrees, it must be time to move an entire houseful of furniture to a new place.

It's happened to me more often than I care to remember.

At least you have beautiful scenery to ease some of the pain.

Anonymous said...

Today I will say a tiny prayer for the soul of the man who invented air conditioning.

Laurie said...

Mspea, I like humidity too, but you're right, it's dry as can be here.

Tossing, I think I'll head for the river soon.

Jock, you are so right. Montana is beautiful and it does ease the pain of 100 degree temperatures for weeks on end. :-)

Thomas, Amen!