Thursday, July 26, 2007

One Perfect Moment

Our county fair was last weekend. For months Cousin Kay had been planning to bring her nieces and nephew to town to go to the fair. My conservation district sponsors a booth every year and they were going to help us with it and then go to the carnival. They were going to stay at my house and hang out all weekend long. We were SO excited!

Then last week Kay's car broke down. It was a catastrophic failure and it would cost more to fix than the car was worth, so she decided to trade it in, take the loss and buy a different vehicle. The car she was buying had a couple of minor problems that the dealership promised to fix before Friday, so that she could have it in time for the trip.

When the mechanic started working on the car, he determined that the problem was more serious than he had originally diagnosed, and another part needed to be ordered. Kay and the kids were beyond distraught at the thought that they'd miss the big weekend, so I drove to Billings to pick them up. Rissa was so excited about the trip that she woke up at 5 am. By that afternoon, she was a very tired young lady!

Even though the temperature at the fair hovered around 108F, we had a blast! We worked the fair all day Saturday and went home for a barbecue.

I surprised Sadie with a late birthday party and afterwards we sat and relaxed in the living room.

My son had just called and I'd talked to my brother earlier in the day. Everyone was fine; in good spirits and good health. Kay was sitting on the couch, with Sadie and Eric on either side. Both kids had their heads on her shoulder and Rissa was napping on the chaise.

It was a beautiful scene; one I'll always remember.
You know it. That perfect moment, when all's right with the world. Everyone is where they are supposed to be and the earth and stars are in perfect alignment. That's the feeling I had. And for once, I didn't jump up to take a picture, I just lived it. It felt good. I was content. Perfectly. Content.


Q said...

Dear Laurie,
I was so touched by your post!
I do know, once in a blue moon it seems, all is perfect. Now to keep that feeling alive. Now to always remember that it can be so. Once a perfect moment happens they can happen over and over.
That is my wish on the first star I see tonight for you and yours. Perfect moments staked up high.

Rhea said...

Being content is the best feeling in the world! By the way, I loved the county fair in New Jersey that I went to as a kid and I still go to them up here in Massachusetts.

Ur-spo said...

that sounds like Arizona rather!

Laurie said...

Sherry, I will do everything I can to keep that feeling alive. Thanks for wishing on a star for me. You are very kind.

Rhea, I love the fair as well. I worked a whole bunch of hours in and out of the blistering heat, but it was well worth it to get the conservation message out.

Ur-spo, there was a rumor it got up to 110 on the midway, but I didn't see that myself.

Anvilcloud said...

Too hot for my blood, but I guess perfect moments can defy heat.

Menchie said...

People could use more perfect moments like these.

have a good weekend Laurie. :D

Laurie said...

AC, too hot for mine too!

Menchie, thanks, girl, you have a great weekend too. *hugs*

MsLittlePea said...

You had me at the word barbecue.

Pam said...

You were right to take in the moment and let it fill you, it's those special moments that sustain us. What a perfect day.

But I still can't believe the heat you're having!

Bonita said...

Unbelievable temperatures there - yet, the show must go on. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Gina said...

Fabulous! I am so glad you were able to pick them up, although it sure does suck about their car still having problems!

Anonymous said...

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The temperature was at 108 F? That’s too much for me!

Glad you were able to get them to the fair even though their automobile was kaput.

It’s wonder that you had great family times!

Carol said...

I'm pleased to see you having happy times like this. You deserve it.
Big warm hugs,

Mary said...

Laurie, you know what? Those days are few and far between to have such a content, wonderful feeling. If I can wake in the morning and feel "all is good", it's pure joy. That special feeling happens infrequently, though.

We need to hold on to those feelings and know they will return.

Did I make any sense? It's Friday night and I sip wine :o/

Great post. It's hot there. Stay cool.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you!!

Sometimes when we go the extra mile it really pays!

thailandchani said...

Contentment.. that's the goal. Not so much "happiness".

It's clear that you have a wonderful family.




TigerYogi said...

I'm so glad that you all had such a nice time! :)

Cathy said...

Oh yes! yes! Laurie - I do know what you mean! I've had a couple days like that this summer - it always involves family. It's all about the connections.

Laurie said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I love you all.