Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogger Strikes Again

Blogger appears to be working correctly now. Disregard pain in hiney comment, but don't forget to scroll down to read about my incredible brother!


Mary said...

Laurie, reading of your brother Mike was so familiar to me. What a special person! To write such a wonderful tribute to him is something very special from his sister. Does he read your blog? I know how you feel about your brother and your Dad, as I am in a similar situation. When you have time, here are two links to previous posts you might enjoy.

I've written several posts about my Dad since my Mom passed away last May. I only wish he could enjoy them.

Mary said...

And, yes, Blogger is a butthead.

Laurie said...

Mary, my brother does read my blog. I even caught him looking at the comments one day!

He's an awesome guy and I have no idea how he does all that he does and keeps his good humor.

And yes, oh yes, Blogger is a butthead!

Courtney said...

Pain in the hiney? Blogger can bite my hiney! Glad you figured it out, but they still better fix it! ;)

Drew said...

Thanks Laurie for the good luck wishes. I have been trying to get Blogger to look into my commenting problem since the middle of December and only got a response two days ago. I have to wonder if in the process of trying to fix a few people's problems if they didn't create problems for a lot more people. Today's group was flooded with new people who can no longer comment.

What can you do for a free service, but sit back, try to remain patient, and hope that they get it fixed soon? At least Blogger Employee indirectly gave us a temporary workaround.

MsLittlePea said...

I feel like I've just been admitted in some kind of underground-super secret-mission impossible discussion! heehee!

What a nice brother you have-I bet your mom is so proud!

Laurie said...

Courtney, they can bite my hiney too! I finally found the fix on one of the blogger help group sites.

Drew, I just got an email from blogger support saying they'd fixed my blog, but it still isn't working. I hope things are going better over there.

Littlepea, Your super decoder ring is in the mail. You are right, mom was very proud of Mike.

Bonita said...

I tried sending you an e-mail earlier today, Laurie. Did you get it? I urge everyone to get 'Haloscan' it free, and easy to install. A good backup system if Blogger fails.

Your brother Mike is wonderful!

~ Bonita

Laurie said...

Bonita, I didn't get the email and I don't see it in my junk mail either. Wonder where in cyber-space it went? I thought about haloscan, but I've heard it doesn't keep your old comments and I'm kind of fond of them. If all else fails, I'll probably try it. Thank you.

Mike is an amazing person. He's the rock of the family since mom died.

Ur-spo said...

i defy blogger and do it my way!!

Laurie said...

Ur-spo, you must be magic! It's working now. :)

JustJock said...

apparently, that jockstrap worked for you.

it's a shame you get what you pay for, eh?

and a belated birthday wish to your brother, who seems like a man among men.

Laurie said...

Jock, just the thought of me nearly naked sent them scurrying to fix the problem. You should be getting your jockstrap via UPS soon. Thanks so much for sending it.

My brother is a wonderful man. I am lucky to be his much younger (ha!) sister. :)

bonita said...

Yes, Laurie, the comments on Haloscan are hidden (appears 0) on the blogface. But, if you press the 0, the comments do pop up, fully. Most people don't know this though, and they want to see the numbers when they go through their archives...and, speaking of archives, when Blogger decides to show mine, it takes forever for them to pop up! Maybe it is just this old, old computer. I rarely access them, for that reason.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Laurie, may I assume your complaint about Blogger is what I encountered yesterday: I was not permitted to make comments on 75% of the blogs I read?

Better late then never. Your brother sounds like a very special guy. Please extend to Mike my belated birthday blessing:

May God grant Mike many years to live,
For sure God must be knowing
The earth has angels all too few
And Heaven is overflowing

Laurie said...

Bonita, I did not know that about Haloscan, so that would work. I just didn't want to lose the comments because they mean a lot to me. Thank you!

Nick, I imagine my brother will read this comment himself, but I will pass it on to him anyway. Thank you so much.

And you are right, a lot of blogs had comment errors yesterday. It was kind of frustrating, wasn't it? Hugs to you and Alex.

Dysfunctional Housewife said...

ALAS I too posted about the CRAP going on with blogger. Such a lovehate relationship isn't it? Your brother sounds like a great guy. It looks like you have been blessed with some good men in your life!

Reverend Sumangali Tania Pink said...

what is the deal with blogger lately?

your tribute is lovely. its wonderful to see how much you love your brother.