Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tag, You're It!

Because I have been tagged by Disfunctional Housewife:

The game: Each player who gets tagged must write in their own blog ten weird things or habits or little known facts about themselves, as well as state this rule clearly. At the end of your post, you must choose six blogs to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs! :) I, like DH, am a tagging virgin, so be gentle with me, ok?

  1. I am reading the book "Love" by Leo Buscaglia. I think I will be a better person because of it. Thanks Vera.

  2. I rarely, if ever, wear socks that match.

  3. For the last several months, I have been cold. In fact right now I have 2 long sleeved shirts, a fleece pullover and insulated sweats on in addition to socks and fuzzy red slippers. I am also wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. The house temperature is 70 degrees. I think my thermostat is out of whack. Or I need to move to the islands.

  4. I look ghastly in the color yellow, but love it and continue to wear it.

  5. I hate styrofoam. Absolutely hate it. The feel of it sickens me and I can't stand the smell. Yes, it smells!

  6. I have always loved vegetables, any kind, any color, any shape. Except for green beans. Yuck!

  7. I have been to 50 or more concerts in my lifetime. I loved them all.

  8. I play the trumpet well and the piano poorly.

  9. My first kiss was when I was 16 years old. He was about a gazillion feet tall and really cute but he liked me too much so I quit seeing him.

  10. I can read upside-down print. Almost as well as I can read right-side-up print.

  11. I have the best job in the universe and it just got even better! I now have an assistant so I should be able to stop accumulating so much comp time! I mean it's nice, and they pay me really well for it, but sheesh, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. (okay, you already knew this; that is why I made it #11!)

According to blog code annotated 25.4.9, I must now tag 6 people. However, I've never been one to follow the rules, so I'm just going to say, if you want to play...tag, you're it!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite quotes is by Leo Buscaglia: "I don't mind it when people call me insane. I find it gives me a lot of leeway with my behavior."


Laurie said...

Thomas, I love the book. I'm really getting a lot out of it. I plan to read more of his work when I'm done with this one. That quote says a lot, doesn't it?

NatureWoman said...

I hate squeaky styrofoam coolers in the back of a vehicle. Makes me want to throw the thing out the back.
What is your job exactly? I know you mentioned it to me before.

Ur-spo said...

small wonder about being cold for some months - forty below will do that.
keep wearing yellow.

JustJock said...

I, too have been freezing the last few days. It's not cold, really, so I have no idea why. But if I could type with gloves on, I'd be a happy man. god, I hate cold hands and feet.

Laurie said...

Naturewoman, I am the administrator of our conservation district and also coordinate a watershed group. It's so much fun!

Ur-spo, thanks, I'll do that! And you are right, it has been cold. But you'd think I'd be warm in a house that is 70 degrees. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older?

Jock, I would type in gloves too, if only it were possible. But sadly, I have enough trouble typing without them...

Bonita said...

Very unusual little tidbits, Laurie. I especially enjoy your being able to read upside down. Never thought to try it! Oh, and just mentioning styrofoam makes me shiver! I'll have to put on a few more sweaters, too.

MsLittlePea said...

None of my socks ever match either. I'll have to check that book out....

Laurie said...

Bonita, styrofoam makes my teeth hurt. I don't know what that's about...but it really does. Just thinking about it...ewwww!

Littlepea, it's an awesome book. I will probably finish it this weekend at my dad's. Want me to send it to you?

Carol said...

Laurie try

see if that one works!

Laurie said...

Carol, I sent it off. I'm crossing my fingers that it went through. Thanks!!!

Cathy said...

I remember that Leo Buscaglia actually brought bushels of autumn leaves into his home and dumped them on the floor for a retreat he was hosting. That really made an impression on me.

I loved your self-revelations.

No kidding!? The trumpet? I played Taps I funerals. I was told to hide behind the larger monuments - I wasn't good and probably nearly woke the dead.

Hey! What's the matter with green beans?

Cathy said...

oops. That's "at funerals" - not I funerals

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I read Buscaglia many years ago. He has some great thoughts! Somewhere I have an audio type he made; if I can find it, I'll mail it to you.

I can never find socks that match!

Alex and I have been cold for weeks. This morning, when we awoke, it was 9 degrees F. Alex, for once, did not want to jump out of bed and eat this kitty breakfast!

Strange, but at the moment I am wearing a yellow sweat shirt, but only because it is warm.

I'll give you all the peas in the world in exchange for your green beans.

As I grow older, I am having difficulty reading right-side-up print.

I really, really, really need a paying job! Any job!

Mary said...

Laurie, styrofoam makes me cringe. And I picked up a book and found that I can read upside down but not as quickly as right side up. Interesting...

This might be a subject of my post in the near future. I just need to THINK and I'm too tired right now.

Ur-spo said...

I recall my own mother loathes styrofoam. At 6yo I figured it was a 'odd mother' trait. as only mother seemed to have it.

Laurie said...

Cathy, I also played taps at funerals. I played echo and my brother played the first part.

I can imagine Leo Buscaglia doing that. From what I've read so far, he seems like an amazing human being.

I'm not sure why I despise green beans. They aren't too bad fresh, but out of a can, I can hardly stand them. Sorry!

Nick, that is so sweet of you. I would love to listen to it. I hope it warms up there soon. Our temperature went from -20 to 40 above on Thursday. Quite a drastic change! The snow melted pretty quickly, though now it is mainly ice and I am driving to my dad's to stay for 5 days.

I bet you look great in yellow, most men do it seems. And I will trade my beans for your peas! I love sweet peas. They are my second favorite veggie.

I am praying that a great job finds you Nick. You deserve it and much, much more. You are an inspiration Nick.

Mary, I can write backwards too, but not very fast. My mom could write backwards almost as fast as she could write the correct way. Styrofoam...yeah, nasty stuff.

Ur-spo, are you saying I'm an odd mother? Good, because I am. :) Everytime I see a new post on your blog or see you comment it makes me smile because I know you are feeling better.

Within Without said...

But are your two long-sleeved shirts and fleece pullover and sweats yellow? Wouldn't they clash with your red slippers?

Uhh...why not just turn up your thermostat or get your heating system fixed?

Vegetables? Me, not so much.

First kiss: He liked you TOO much? Hmmm...and did you play the trumpet then? No wonder he liked you too much. I assume trumpeteers are quite the kissers...

So you can read upside-down that part of your Norwegian heritage?

Potato Print said...

Hi dmmgmfm

Wow, I have not thought about Leo Buscaglia for several decades. I really loved his approach -- live large, live emotional, let love spill all around you. I wonder if he seems really dated now, kind of like Oprah's hairstyles in the mid-1980s? Or maybe his works stand up well.

Laurie said...

WW, yes, I'll admit it...I clash like crazy!

The heater works fine, it's 70 degrees. I think my thermostat is stuck or something.

I played the trumpet from 4th grade on up, so yes, it probably was my trumpet-playing lips that made him like me. ;-)

Norwegian heritage, yeah, that's it!

Potato print, I don't know how Leo's work holds up, I just know how much I'm enjoying it. However, just thinking about Oprah's 80's hairstyle makes me laugh!

Squirl said...

Canned vegetables of any kind are gross. No wonder you don't like green beans.

Yellow is one of my colors. I like purple, but can't wear that for anything.

Styrofoam is bad. Those styrofoam coolers really set my teeth on edge.

Laurie said...

Squirl, I much prefer fresh veggies, but sadly, we don't have much of a selection here.

It seems styrofoam aversion is a feminine trait. At least that's what the "survey" seems to indicate.

Gina said...

I know what you mean about styrofoam! I don't like it either.

I too, like yellow and wear it even though it makes me look rather anemic.

I liked your list!

Laurie said...

Gina, that's what yellow does to me, unless I'm really tan, I look kind of ill in it. Doesn't stop me, though.