Friday, February 02, 2007

Shower Blogging

I wish I could blog in the shower. Really, I do. If I could, I would write profound posts like Jen, KC, Mary, Cathy, Carol, Vera, Nick, Laura, Jock, Courtney, Bonita, Karen, Caroline, Chani, Little Pea, Ur-Spo, HE, Chris and so many others (see my sidebar).

I know I would.

You would check these pages every day to see what amazing things I had written. Every day you would come away from my blog thinking, “That Laurie is an amazing woman, I so wish I could be like her”.

Alas, my keyboard is not waterproof nor even is it wireless. So until the technology is in place for me to blog in the shower, you will be subjected to my usual drivel.

So sorry.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about that. You might just end up with a lot of entries like, "My shampoo smells like fruit" and "Ow! Soap got in my eyes!"


Mary said...

Oh, stop that, Laurie! Your usual drivel is addicting. I look forward to it every day. There are times when I have a post cooking all day - just the right words in my head - then I sit down at the keyboard. Poof! Gone! LOL!

MsLittlePea said...

I'm pretty sure somewhere in the Silicon Valley they are working on it--well maybe not, the dot com bubble exploded a long time ago. But I'm sure someone-somewhere is working on it!

And BTW-do you think I would have put you in my cool people section if this was a crappy blog? I, too, look forward to your posts everyday.

Pam said...

Your blog is about life, that's never drivel. As for the shower, well, I'm Sarah Brightman when I'm taking mine.

Thanks for the visit and kind comment.

Rhea said...

One day we will be able to project our thoughts from our brains into a device that will record them. Then showering and blogging simultaneously will be yours!

Thailand Gal said...

Well, I like your blog and do check it daily. We all contribute something to the general "blog pool" and it's all good. :)

One thing though... blogging in the shower would be more than any of us can do. LOL Can you imagine?

Speaking blog entries into existence would be rather nice though, wouldn't it? Skip the typing. Just talk.



Within Without said...

I've got a wireless keyboard and mouse so theoretically, you'd think this should be possible.

But I tried blogging in the shower. It doesn't work. The soap and shampoo gets in the keyboard.

And I found I either had a lot of typos or was getting soap/shampoo in my eyes.

Don't be silly about the quality of your posts. You have a captive audience.

Just do the next best thing. Blog when you're sitting on the toilet, which may or may not be close to your shower.

Laurie said...

Thomas, I get my best blog ideas in the shower. When I get out and dry off...they are gone. My conclusion is that they exist only in the confines of the shower stall. Therefore I need the ability to get them onto the blog from there. :)

Mary, that's exactly what I mean! Poof! Gone!!

Mspea, I'm glad you think someone is working on it and I've very glad I'm in your cool people section. :D

Pam, I don't sing in the would scare the cats!

Rhea, that frightens me slightly. I'm not sure the world is ready for all of my thoughts...

Chani, now there's an idea I would support!

WW, I could try that, but I’m not sure I’d feel right about posting something I’d written from the (for lack of a better word) crapper.

Everyone, This post was meant to pay tribute to all of you. I enjoy being a part of your lives more than you will ever know.

Lillithmother said...

Hi Laura, found you through...ooops, I forget, but I just bookmarked your site 'cause I like you style!

ANyhoo, like you, I wish I could bed! I get amazing ideas of what I'd liek to write about just before I doze off...the lights are off, I'm snuggled into my man, and the last thing I want to do is get up, drudge downstairs and boost my body with just enough caffeine to write! So I don't...and I forget by the morning! AUGH!

Hey...don't they have crayon soaps you can write on the shower wall with - away from the spray! ;-)


Laurie said...

Lillith, I like the idea of crayon soap. I might have to invest in some.

Have you tried putting a notebook by your bed? I leave one on my nightstand to write down things I need to do the next day at work. I always seem to think of that kind of thing as I'm starting to drift off. Then I worry about forgetting it. If I write it down it is off my mind and I can sleep (usually). Just an idea :)

Thanks for stopping by!

KC said...

laurie- I'm truly honored to be part of your list, especially if my way too many references to farting still count as profound! Woohoo!

I'm all for blogging while driving-that's where a lot of my ideas come from. For instance, today I got an idea about how the morons come out when it's bitter cold outside. Brilliant!

As for "usual drivel", are you kidding? You are so full of love and sweetness that it is a pleasure to come.

Laurie said...

KC, of course your references to farting are profound!

I get a lot of ideas for posts while driving too, especially during the 170 mile drive to my dad's house. For awhile I tried writing them down as I drove. Not the whole post, mind you, just the general idea. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a less than brilliant idea. I’m sure glad they put a rumble strip on the side of the road.

Cathy said...

Laurie! I get it! What is it about taking a shower? Thoughts do seem to coalesce in ways they don't when we're dry and clothed. Hmmm. But hey! Your posts about your family are as poignant as it gets.

Squirl said...

Your posts are fine. But you might find this to be what you need:

Laurie said...

Cathy, I'm so glad I'm not the only shower blogger!

Squirl, I definitely need to get one of those. Thanks!

bonita said...

Shower I've heard everything. Next, we'll be keeping a notepad by the side of the bed, to jot down post titles.

Laurie said...

Bonita, I never think about blogging when I'm in bed...I do dwell on work instead of sleeping a lot though.

crazymumma said...

I know. My best posts get written in my head with no hope in site of a keyboard for hours.

Laurie said...

Mumma, it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Cathy said...

Just a lovely affirmation of the best within us. Sadly it brought back a memory of a situation when my gentle kind father was made to stand outside in frigid weather after his car broke down because the woman in the isolated farm house was afraid to let him in. He waited outside for the tow truck in a coat too light for the weather. Who could blame the woman- but how sad.

Cathy said...

Oops, Laurie - the above comment was meant for your recent post about your dad.

Laurie said...

Cathy, that is sad, but as you say, how was the woman to know what kind of person he was. I wish she'd have given him blankets or a warm jacket though.