Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Are You Holding Up, Kiddo?

My wonderful, fantastic, incredible brother Mike has done a wonderful, fantastic, incredible thing. He has purchased a plane ticket so that my beautiful, talented, amazing Cousin Kay can fly to Denver tomorrow, spend the weekend and drive back to Montana with me on Sunday.

Why did he do this amazing thing? Well aside from the fact that he is the Very Best Brother in the Universe, he is also a very astute and kind man. He sensed that I was getting a bit tired and a bit overwhelmed and he also realized that even though I have to go back to work on Monday, I am hesitant about doing so because I don't want to leave Dale. He knows that having Kay here will make things easier for me and more importantly for Dale, and that she will be able to help me make the transition.

Am I not the luckiest woman in the universe?

The Dale Update:

Dale is handling the setback as he handles everything. With humor and strength. Even though he is in pain and is now on insulin, he remains kind and appreciative of everything that is done to and for him. He continues to be a great inspiration to all of us that are lucky enough to be around him.

Last night, between bathroom trips, Dale dozed off for a little while. I must have done the same and when I woke up he was looking over at me from his bed. "How are you holding up, Kiddo?" he said to me, reaching over to pat my arm. "Fine, Dale, just fine," I answered, with tears in my eyes.

I am going to hate to leave this man.


Anvilcloud said...

Poor Dale; he must be a bit forlorn inside. Nice gesture from brother: you'll be glad for the company.

Cathy said...

Yes, Laurie - blessed, lucky and I know a little torn about having to put some miles between you and dear Dale.

What a great guy - that brother of yours. I'll bet he's missed you bunches.

I'm praying that Dale gets a boost in the next few days.

Send him a hug from me - and here's a big one for you, too :0)

KGMom said...

Laurie--even though you hate to leave Dale, sometimes we just have to. Maybe in returning to work, you will be able to recharge your batteries.
We will all keep thinking about Dale and praying for him.
Hurray for great brothers.

Bonita said...

You've done exceedingly well during this quiet vigil, Laurie. Just outstanding. My continued prayers for you, your family, and Dale.

Dave said...

Your brother is your angel. He has a love for you that is divine. I am sure you know and feel this already. I know that you will be able to go back to work and take with you the thoughts of your brother and I am confident that a smile will come to your lips and your heart. You are blessed and you are lucky enough to recognize it. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts.

Laurie said...

AC, he is pretty down. Hopefully the medicine will work quickly and he will start feeling better.

Cathy, thank you. It is so hard to leave. I am really dreading it. Thanks for your prayers and hugs.

KG, that is what I intend to do. Hopefully I will be able to come back to visit him again soon.

Bonita, thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Dave, thank you. My brother is a great person and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.

Ur-spo said...

thank you for the update
hugs and kisses to all the men in your life.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It is so neat that you have sibling like Mike! You are blessed.

Dale remains in my prayers.

Have a safe drive.

Many blessings and much shalom!

Laurie said...

Ur-spo, thank you. I'll pass them along. :)

Nick, he is a very good brother and a very nice man. Thank you.

Mary said...

Laurie, Mike is a blessing and you are worthy of his kindness. My heart is breaking when I read your posts, but that's OK. Dale will make it but he must be exhausted. What really impresses me is that he has spirit and is still able to care about others without being absorbed in his own struggle.

Hugs - major hugs to you and your family.

Laurie said...

Mary, thank you. Dale really is tired, but we are very hopeful that things will turn around.

LauraHinNJ said...

Brothers are the best!

Dale's worry for you is so sweet; what a generous, compassionate man.

I hope this setback turns around quickly and he is back to recovery soon.

threecollie said...

Laurie, our hearts are with you and Dale and Wolf.....

Pam said...

Your brother is the very best and most understanding man. I can only imagine how difficult this has all been and pray for you all, every day. Have a safe trip and rest, if you can.

Cathy said...

Good morning, Laurie - thoughts, prayers and hugs from Ohio :0)

Laurie said...

Laura, my brother is a dear, sweet man. Thanks for the wishes for a speedy recovery for Dale.

Threecollie, we greatly appreciate your kindness.

Pam, it has been difficult, but we are doing quite well considering the circumstances. Thank you.

Cathy, thank you and hugs back.

Within Without said...

All of you are beacons for each others' souls, joined together by your love for Dale.

He's the one in the battle, but he couldn't have more supportive and loving people with him while he wages it.

Mike's miraculous for doing this for you, a heart of gold, I'm sure inspired by what you're doing for Dale.

Smiles and hugs for you all.

JustJock said...

makes me wish I had a brother.

Laurie said...

WW, my brother is a giver. This is his way of helping Dale and also helping me. He's a real sweetheart. I am truly blessed to have the family that I've got.

Dale's a fighter, he will get through this. I just wish I could stay longer.

Hugs and smiles back to you.

Jock, We'll adopt you, will that work?

thailandchani said...

The phrase "grit and grace" comes to mind when you talk about Dale.

I am likewise sorry that you are having to leave. I know you have been a great source of support for him.

But he'll be okay. Hope you know that. :)



Laurie said...

Chani, those words fit him exactly. Thank you. I know he will be fine, but it's still damned hard leaving...

Squirl said...

Now I have tears in my eyes, too. That doesn't happen to me very often while blog-reading. What a sweet, gently soul Dale is.

And you have a great brother.

Cathy said...

Hello dear Laurie. Special 'hello' to Dale. Just checking in. Thinking of you both.

Laurie said...

Squirl, sorry to bring tears to your eyes. You are right, he's as gentle as can be.

Cathy, thanks so much, I'll pass on your special hello tomorrow.

Gina said...

Sending strength and prayers in an easterly direction!