Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tell Me Your Favorite...

I have returned home. Kay had a family emergency so we drove through the night to get her back to Billings. I dropped her off and continued on to Forsyth. I arrived here, safe and sound physically (mentally...not so much), early this morning.

Dale was so sweet when we left. He tried very hard to be upbeat and positive. He thanked us over and over again for being there for him and reassured us that he would be fine. It was all an act and I imagine it took every ounce of strength he had. Leaving there was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Since I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, I have stolen borrowed this post concept from Ur-Spo.

The idea is for you to leave a comment linking me to your favorite blog entry of all time. It must be one that you have authored.

Also, please tell me why it is your favorite entry.

There will be an contest to determine the winner of the best blog post. The grand prize winner will be given his or her choice of (the usual) all-expense paid trip to Eastern Montana or a bottle of Annie Green Springs Wine, retail price $2.49.

Gentlemen and ladies, start your keyboards.

Thank you in advance for humoring me.


Within Without said...

What you did for Dale in Denver was nothing short of amazing. It will touch him forever.

It will take me about three years to find a post I consider my favorite.

In the meantime, let me rub your tummy. I'm sure with all you've given, you could use some getting.

Squirl said...

I hope Dale just keeps getting stronger. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite post. Mine would probably be the one about my brother's death and that's too much of a downer.

Good luck with other entries.

Cathy said...


You know how we all feel about what you're going through now. You know how moved we've been - how inspired by your love and caring for Dale. So today it's easy for me to name one of my very favorite posts of all time - it's the day I met you - September 7, 2006. It was my 9/11 victim Ronald Orsini post. You dropped by to share your caring and concern for the victims and their families.

Rest, Laurie. Allow yourself peace of mind and comfort of being with people and fur-kids that are welcoming you back into your life.

KGMom said...

For me--unqeustionably--A Charmed Childhood.
Writing is so intentional for me, that I had been working on pieces of that post for a while. Then I had to find the photo album my mother put together for me, and scan all the photos to turn them into jpeg images.

Cathy said...

Donna - I loved that post of yours.

Laurie said...

WW, Purrrrr.... *Hugs*

Squirl, I hope so too, thank you. I am going to search for your post. I want to read it. *Hugs*

Cathy, thank you so much. That was a beautifully written tribute. You are such a lovely person and I feel blessed to know you. *Hugs*

KG, I remember that post and went to re-read it again. I can see why it's your favorite. Thank you. *Hugs*

Mary said...

Laurie, I just want to say to you that I'm inspired by your devotion to one person. I can't even imagine how mentally and physically drained you are right now.

I don't have a favoriate post that I have authored but I have read many from other bloggers I'd recommend. But here is one that is special to me that I posted a while back, about my Dad.

I tend to post silly entries, but now and then I do show my serious and sentimental side.

Put your feet up and give your kitties some kisses.

Laurie said...

Mary, I just read your post and I have to say how much I love it. It brought tears to my eyes in a good way. Thank you so much for sharing.


Ur-spo said...

My favorite was titled 'A Plague of Demons" from 6/13/2006 or so.
I hope you can read it; I was rather pleased with it.
I am glad you made it home!
I am honored for your 'borrowing"

KC said...

I love this idea- and it's hard coming up with my favorite since I have funny and deep and everything in between...maybe this one:

you are an angel and Dale is lucky to have you on his side.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Please get some rest. You've been doing a lot lately!

Here's one of my favorite posts; few words, but the only video I have taken that I ever posted:

mist1 said...

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What am I supposed to do for wine? I'll do it.

thailandchani said...

I don't have a favorite post of my own but I have some favorite posts written by others. :)

The time you took out of your life to support Dale was certainly an inspiration to me and such a wonderful model of how families are *supposed* to be.

Dale is likely here today because of that.



Gina said...

If it's a favorite post of mine that you want- you've got it. It didn't necessarily garner the biggest response of anything I've written, but I like it.

MsLittlePea said...

I don't know how to make links so I have to disqualify myself. But if i cound i would have entered the one I re-did a couple weeks ago of that guy who sent my sister his naked picture instead of just politely saying, would like to go out with me-weirdo!

I hope you're happy to be home. And I hope Dale gets better...

Pam said...

You are an angel and an inspiration and I know you helped Dale more than you will ever realize. Bless your kind and caring heart.

A favorite blog? Eek!

The Atavist said...

Dale is lucky to have you and I am sure he is deeply appreciative. The love in your heart is evident. I'm sure you don't consider what you do as a sacrifice.

Ironically, though, my own favourite post of mine is about sacrifice as a value: It can be found here:

Bonita said...

I can only imagine how utterly tired you are. I'm in awe of all you have done for Dale while you were in Denver. This will be a significant memory for everyone.

I'd love to see you swinging in a hammock out in the yard, with your kitties nearby. And, read any post of your choosing....I'm gettin' so old that I can barely remember what I wrote yesterday!

Laurie said...

Ur-spo, I can see why that's your favorite. Thank you so much for mentioning it to me. And thanks for lending me your post idea. My mind was a complete blank...

Nick, that is such a cute video of Alex. Why am I not surprised that your favorite post is about the cat that owns you?

Mist, you are supposed to whine for wine, which you have done. :)

Chani, thank you so much. It was a group effort. I very much wish I could have stayed on for awhile longer. I hope to go back soon.

Gina, I loved that post!

Mspea, I read that one when you wrote it. It's hilarious! Good choice!

Pam, c' know you've got one. :)

Atavist, that is an incredibly deep and meaningful post. Your son is lucky to have your guidance in life. Thank you.

Bonita, you just have too many good ones to choose from. I love your canoe posts. They make me long for the water...

KGMom said...

Laurie--I have now gone to each of the links from your commenters and read all the past "favorite" blogs. Great idea--and a real treat.

LauraHinNJ said...

I'll have to think on it. In the meantime I'll visit other's favorties. I agree, this is a great idea and a real treat!

I can imagine how hard it was to leave Dale - sure he was glad for the time you were able to be there.

Menchie said...

Hi Laurie,
I hope you feel better soon.

Here are two links. The first one is just to cheer you up, it's a picture of something I can do which another blogger dared me to post a picture of. The second one is one of my favorites because writing it made me remember a lot of funny incidents while I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

The favorite thing I've written was fairly recent: This One. I like rambling little posts that hit lots of different topics and sort of link them together.

You've had a hectic time, it will probably take a while to recuperate. Good luck!

steve'swhirlyworld said...

I've never been to MT, so that sounds pretty attractive. I hope Dale continues to improve.

Within Without said...

Ugh...trying to find a favorite post is incredibly time-consuming, Laurie.

However, here's one from last Nov. 3 that I had fun with.

It's called Truth or Consequences, another one of my posts about my son and I.

It's at

I don't know how to put all that into a little word called "here."

There are many more that I like or remember fondly for different reasons, but here's one...


Laurie said...

KG, I am totally blown away by the posts I've read. I find myself reading the posts before and after as well.

Laura, it really was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm so thankful my son lives in the area and can go see him several times a week. If not for that, I doubt I'd have been able to leave.

Menchie, awww, those are great posts. Thank you!

Thomas, great post. And thanks, I am trying to do just that.

Steve, thank you so much. So do I.

WW, very cute, very funny and very touching post. Nice of you to cut him some slack.

threecollie said...
My favorite because I really loved my old horse and it helps me remember him. We are really holding on for the best for Dale......

Cathy said...

There's nothing like the antics of fur-kids to return a smile to our faces. Yours are soooo cute and I guess just a little ornery, eh?

Laurie said...

Threecollie, I remember reading that one. I can understand why you like it so much. I'm going back to re-read it now. Thank you!

Cathy, they are little stinkers. Of course what one doesn't think of, the other 5 I guess it's my own fault for having so many!