Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got nothin'

Seriously, I have nothing. Not a thing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Nothing new to report, nothing old to update, not a darn thing happenin' here, but the usual.


If you have something, I hope it's a good something.

Hugs to all,


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Livin' on Toast and Tang, Hungry Like the Wall and other song lyrics I don't know...

One of the women that works in the office next to me is outrageously funny. Seriously folks, when she's on a roll, she makes me spit water or worse yet coffee all over my computer monitor. She's one of those people that doesn't seem to have any self-esteem issues. She's herself first and foremost and last but certainly not least. She's a riot, truly.

She's worked for her department for decades and is amazing at her job and Xerox machines tremble when they hear her voice. Have I mentioned that she's funny? Oh yea, I guess I did. A few weeks ago, while walking to the ladies restroom, which happens to be located in our office, she ran into a wall. One of my co-workers put a sign up on it, declaring that it was V's wall. We all laughed hysterically when a few hours later, she came in again and ran into the same wall!

For a few minutes I thought she'd done it just to make us laugh, but I realized that she had, in fact, run into the wall again! As you can imagine, we have teased her mercilessly and she took it like a champ, as always.

Today, as we were having a cup of coffee, we started talking about song lyrics that we have mangled in our lifetimes. I started with a story about how my son had burned a special CD for me and everytime (nearly) that we went somewhere he would put it in and we would sing it, loud and proud!

Sometimes his friends would be with us, but that wouldn't stop me...I'd sing along, despite their snickering, which I always attributed to my inability to carry a tune.

Eventually, however, I discovered the reason for their wasn't my singing, it was my distortion of the lyrics to my favorite song...apparently Duran Duran didn't write a song entitled "Hungry Like the Wall".

After hearing my story, V told one of her own, involving lots of people and her complaint that it was the dumbest song she'd ever heard...

It only took her a few decades to determine that the song was actually "Living on Tulsa Time".

Who'da thunkitt?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009