Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tech Support

The Queen is exhausted! I really shouldn't expect so much of her, but she is the boss (and a great one at that) and bosses are required to put in long hours. They are also expected to wear many hats in a day. In fact, night before last, she had a hard time convincing me to quit working and get some rest, so she put on her computer programmer hat! She pressed exactly the right 4 keys TWICE and completely disabled my wireless. I couldn't do anything but call Dell. By the time we were done getting it up and running, the entire team in New Delhi were laughing hysterically (I could hear them in the background, and I am sure every time he put me on hold to look something up, he told them of this crazy American lady and her genius feline). And I have to say, I was laughing the hardest of all. I literally had tears streaming down my face. When he put me on to talk to his supervisor, it was all I could do to say things were taken care of to my satisfaction. What an amazing and fun life I lead!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I guess my reader (hehe) knows that I love animals.  In fact, I like most animals more than some people!  Anyway, I follow a group on Facebook called Rimrock Humane Society.  They are out of Roundup, Montana and they only foster animals, no kennels and NO KILL!  They take amazing care of the furchildren and the woman that runs it is quite remarkable.  This weekend I read about this:

And since the money all went to support the Rimrock Humane Society, I jumped at the chance.  Imagine my surprise when I got in the chair and THIS man started to cut my hair!  

Um, yah, can you say yummy?  Anyway, here is the end result, way shorter than usual, but in my opinion, pretty amazing considering what he had to work with and that it only took him 15 minutes!

Ta da!